Thinking about decorating, renewing, or updating? Here is everything you need – according to an article found on BuzzFeed and Pinterest.

BuzzFeed’s article “These Diagrams are Everything You Need to Decorate Your Home” includes diagram after diagram from multiple designer cheat sheets and other decorating sources. Here are just a few:

decorating layout

Above is just a part of the gallery walls layouts that are provided. To see them all, click on the BuzzFeed link at the beginning of this post. Here’s another decorating diagram, below:

decorating layout

How to arrange the perfectly made-up bed is explained, and so is the Psychology of Color, below:

decorating diagram

Rules (diagrams) are meant to be broken, but sometimes it is good to know where to start! We think you might enjoy the 20-plus diagrams and layouts in BuzzFeed’s article.

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